About The Big Smoke Designs: Embracing London's Urban Culture

"The Big Smoke" is a slang term for London that dates back to the era of the Industrial Revolution of the 18th Century.  

During this period, London was engulfed in bellows of thick smoke which was largely caused by the burning of coal in the factories, hence the name. 

Fast forward to the 21st Century, "The Big Smoke" is now one of the most cosmopolitan cites in the world, with a diverse range of people from various ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

The result of the cross pollination of creeds and cultures has made London one of the most musically and artistically creative cities on the planet. 

The Big Smoke Designs was founded as an artistic channel to express the diversity and the creativity of London's Urban Culture.

Our t shirts represent the various genres of London's Urban Music from the past and present. Paying homage to music genres and record labels that have inspired and help to shape London's Urban Music, as well as capturing the true spirit of London's Urban Art and Street Culture.


About The Big Smoke Designs: Embracing London's Urban Culture

Our company ethos is to have a positive impact on young creative individuals from deprived backgrounds.

Every year, we will give young designers the opportunity to have their design released on your platform. We hope that our company ethos will inspire young adults to use their artistic creativity as escape root from a life of crime.

10% of our profits go to London Charities that support young people from deprived parts in the inner city.

 “We’re here to bring light to the world and to make a difference on this planet. That’s what artistic expression is about”

We hope that our designs resonate with you in some shape or form, and that you wear our clothing range with pride.

About The Big Smoke Designs: Embracing London's Urban Culture
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